2 out of 3 students in the United States CANNOT READ proficiently

MARCUS is here to CHANGE this reality

65% +

America’s Unanswered Problem

The MARCUS Literacy Project, Inc. exists to change the arch of the student experience in the American education system by eradicating childhood illiteracy by 2050. Our vision is that every student who graduates from a US public school will have the literacy skills required to approach life with joy, confidence, and dignity.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 65% of fourth-grade students and 66% of eighth-grade students cannot read proficiently. Overall, progress in reading has not progressed in over a decade with the nation’s highest achievers stagnating and lowest performers falling further and further behind.

Evidence-based intervention in the early grades demonstrates that students can become proficient readers, providing the necessary foundation for continued learning throughout thier middle, high school, and professional careers.

We know the deleterious effects of illiteracy, and if current trends continue, 83% of students who cannot read proficiently by 3rd grade are at increased risk of dropping out of high school, are twice as likely to be unemployed, are more likely to experience poor health outcomes, and have higher rates of involvement in the criminal justice system.

The Twelve Million Challenge

MARCUS can close the proficiency gap for twelve million students, across all fifty states, spread across 67,000 US public schools, who attend school every day.

12 Million


MARCUS - Making Adaptative Reading Content Universally Stimulating - is a video game that supports 4th -8th grade struggling readers to read proficiently while also developing a love for reading.

Set in a graphic novel narrative, each players personalized avatar becomes the main character of the video game narrative. Reading and moving across animated and interactive panels, avatars transition into story panels revealing a series of mini-games designed to deliver individualized learning content based on each players need.


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